Refpay Media


Native And Display Marketing

Want your brand to be displayed all over the internet?

Native advertising and Display marketing is promoting your brand over the internet using images, videos, or animations that encourage the user to click-through to a landing page and take action.

Our Display marketing services

A. Traditional Display Ads
  • Primarily placed on the website
  • Widely used
  • square and skyscraper image sizes

B. Responsive Display Ads

based on multiple text headlines, descriptions, and images
best-performing format
for the specified audience.

C. Retargeting Display Ads

Great for personalized content
Visible to audience who have visited your site
Shown in a specified time frame

D. Native Ads

Created and allocated in the same manner as the content
recommended content on various sites
Usually, don’t look like ads

E. Social Ads

ads you see on social networks
Amalgamation of content and picture with a CTA

F. Discovery Ads

machine learning to showcase image assets
appear on YouTube search & Google Discover results, promotion tabs.