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About Refpay media

Refpay Media is a 360 degree performance driven platform that enables the brands to acquire the right audience to their destination from thousands of websites across the world and influencers to buzz about the advertisers on the performance-based pricing model.

By providing you access to our sophisticated and robust technologies, loaded with state-of-the-art tools, reporting, and real-time analytics, you get all that you need to leverage our premium network of Advertisers and Publishers spread across the Globe.

Our flexible solutions remain collaborative throughout and you retain control over key elements through our feature rich interface, for relevant, targeted and accountable solutions that maximize your conversion rates and ROI.

Our Solution

Sophisticated and comprehensive algorithms built on predictive patterns and trends which have emerged from massive volumes of data and thousands of campaigns through our network. These enable publishers to convert their traffic into revenue and allow advertisers targeted placement opportunities that acquire quality traffic which converts into genuine leads.

Enhancing our Advertisers’ ROI and maximizing Publishers’ ad revenues no mean feat. Our cutting-edge technologies optimally combine and execute targeting and media options to match brands with the most responsive audiences to deliver the greatest possible marketing impact.

Our tools and technical solutions have been tailored to the demands of affiliate programs and performance marketing and are thoroughly tested to deliver the most effective performance-based results. Product-level retargeting and other innovative targeting and tag management systems drive conversions based on the products viewed by consumers on your site and across our network.


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